Holiday Programmes

Holiday Programmes

November and December Holiday Programmes specially crafted for the learning needs of your child. Our holiday programmes will engage students in challenging yet enjoyable ways.

Mastering Grammar I & II

Grammar is one of the building blocks of the English Language. However, it can often be a big stumbling block preventing your child from getting that A*. This fun-filled 5-day workshop will reinforce basic grammar rules to help your child use the language accurately, fluently, and appropriately for different purposes, audiences, contexts, and cultures. Through [...]
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Headstart to P3 Science

Through a series of activities including kinaesthetic play, students will explore and learn Science from the world around them; developing their abilities to use scientific processes to experiment, create, and investigate. At the end of this workshop, your child will have a better grasp of the essential process skills that are required as he/ she [...]
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Excel in Comprehension

The PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2 poses a challenge to students. There is a wide variety of question types, including a section on Visual Text Comprehension. To excel in the Comprehension Paper, students need to be equipped with a range of important skills. In this course, students will master reading comprehension and viewing skills through [...]
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Effective Analysis and Answer Of Science Questions

Students often have problems with process skills questions in the PSLE Science paper. They struggle to come up with answers that meet the full requirements of the questions, and only receive a portion of the allocated mark, if any at all. This programme introduces the Asking Science Question (ASQ) Method which guides students in dealing [...]
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Direct School Admission (DSA) Workshop

Direct School Admission (DSA) helps Primary 6 students secure a guaranteed place in the secondary school of his or her choice. If successful, your child's entry into secondary school will not depend solely on PSLE results, thus reducing the stress of this examination. The final stage of the DSA exercise is an interview, and for [...]
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Public Speaking

Public speaking and oral presentations are a natural way to market oneself and one’s ideas. First impressions count. We aim therefore to make your child’s first impressions last – for the right reasons, of course. In this 3-day workshop, we will show In this 3-day workshop, we will show your child how to present speeches [...]
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S1 Headstart Camp for Primary 6

The Secondary English Curriculum is challenging, demanding and very different from the Primary English curriculum. It is an entirely new and steep learning curve that you will have to surmount in order to achieve excellence in school-based assessments and national examinations. A strong foundation in the subject will ensure greater academic success. In our Secondary [...]
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