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Our Story

Learning Point has a humble beginning that trails back to the year 1995, when we began in a cosy shop unit situated at Thomson Ridge. The Learning Point then only had a class of five students – a trivial number compared to the thousands we have today.


Though small, we started with the ambition of wanting to teach little ones how to read and appreciate the English language and we gradually expanded to many other locations across Singapore.

Our direction for our future remains the same: To stretch your child through challenging, up to date questions in a supportive and encouraging environment, guided and nurtured by our qualified and passionate teachers, to help all students excel and attain stellar results in their examinations and beyond."

Why Us?

Passionate, nurturing, competent and committed, our teachers are the best in what they do. They walk alongside your child and inspire him/her to excel both in school and in life.


Our curriculum is crafted to equip and empower our students to reach their full potential. Through regular exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels our students will fully embrace the core competencies of 21st century learners.

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We believe that learning is not just about excelling in examinations. We aim to continuously promote critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for success beyond the classroom. Our curriculum aims to cultivate these skills while honing content knowledge for our students to emerge as 21st Century thinkers ahead of their time.


We consistently deliver excellent results. Since our launch as an enrichment centre, our students have been performing and exceeding beyond national standards at the PSLE, GCE 'O' and 'A' Levels. Below are just a few of our star students who went beyond expectations and attained stellar results



"My teacher has been both patient and caring in her teaching. She would always answer my mountain load of questions with a kind smile, sometimes even doing so long after the lesson has ended"

Cheryl Chan, Secondary 4

Excellence in English, Excellence in Math, Excellence in Science (2016)