Excellence in

English (Primary)

The Excellence in English (EIE) programme effectively supports young English language learners through fun  and engaging lessons that complement MOE’s English Language syllabus.


Our Primary 1 and 2 programmes lay a strong foundation for understanding how the English language works, with grammar, vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension and writing as key building blocks. These are futher built upon and expanded throughout Primary 3 and 4, where specific tried-and-tested skills for both Paper 1 and 2. Finally, the programmes in Primary 5 and 6 focus on the mastery of the linguistic skills students have learnt. Moreover, it provide them with an added edge and confidence to meet the demands of the PSLE. 

Programme Highlights

Active & frequent reading

Our curriculum provides sufficient breadth and depth into introductory topics

Structured & Skills-based

Our curriculum develops answering strategies and skills such as writing techniques and clue identification for both Papers 1 and 2

Oral Discussions

Dedicated lesson each term to hone our student’s conversational and oratorical skills

Thematic Lessons

We provide exposure to current affairs issues to increase general knowledge

Class Schedule

Thomson Plaza

Weekdays:  3.45pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm

Saturdays:  8.15am, 10.30am,  10.45am,  1.15pm,   3.45pm

Bukit Timah Plaza

Weekdays:  9.15am, 4.00pm

Saturdays:  8.15am,  10.30am, 10.45am,  1.00pm, 1.15pm, 3.30pm, 4.00pm, 5.15pm

Parkway Centre

Weekdays:  3.00pm, 5.15pm, 4.30pm

Saturdays:  8.15am, 10.30am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 5.00pm

Sundays:  9.30am

Oasis Terraces

Weekdays:  3.00pm, 4.30pm,  5.30pm, 6.45pm, 7.00pm

Saturdays:  8.30am,  11.00am, 1.30pm,  2.00pm, 4.30pm

Sundays:  9.00am,  1.45pm

Century Square

Weekdays:  3.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm,  7.30pm

Saturdays:  8.15am,  10.45am,  1.15pm, 3.45pm

Macpherson Mall

Weekdays:  3.15pm,  5.30pm


*Timings shown are indicative only and placement is subject to student suitability and the availability of places.

Complimentary Assessment

Our complimentary student assessment allows our teachers to analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides provides an insight into how your child responds to different methods and styles of learning. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Point methods and approaches are constantly evolving to help your child achieve academic excellence.