Words from our Parents

MDm TIE xin rong

Mother of Rose Yen

P1 Headstart Programme (2017)

As a mother, I am particularly impressed with the excellent programmes and the teaching culture of Learning Point teachers. The systematic and effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching materials and the patience, care and concern of her teacher have enabled Rose to make great progress within a short time and develop a strong interest in learning and a love for reading. I am very fortunate that my daughter is in such an excellent education centre – the lessons have helped her to lay a strong foundation in English.


Parent of Cheong Rui En, Ashley
P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

Ashley enjoys attending classes at Learning Point. She has made improvements in her command of English, particularly in terms of her vocabulary and phonics.


Teacher Stella has also helped me recognise that Ashley needs help in certain areas. Thank you Teacher Stella for your dedication!


Parent of Jayden Yap Jun Yi
P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

His sentence structure and words usage have improved. He’s able to explain the difference between noun, verb, adjectives to me!


Parent of Lucas Leau
P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

My child now reads storybooks with length more confidently. In the past, he used to choose storybooks with few words to read. He is now able to write a short story with ease and enjoys going for class.

Mdm Lee Hwee Siang

Parent of Xuan Xuan
Excellence in Math,

Excellence in English (2020)

Thanks Learning Point for offering 2 rounds of one to one Math tuition with Teacher Evonne since term 1 for my daughter.


Now at Primary 2 Term 4, I can see visible improvements in her Math results at school from a previously borderline pass to one of the top few in her class.


Most importantly, I see so much confidence and excitement in her when attempting Math questions. From previously disliking and dragging to do Math, to it becoming her favourite subject, is truly a great relief for me as a working mum.


Thanks Teacher Gladys too for teaching Xuan Xuan in answering comprehension questions correctly and in writing creative composition. She is always so excited talking about her story writing after class. Thanks for keeping her so enthusiastic.


Learning Point at Oasis Terraces has prepped my daughter so well and it is a breeze for her in school.


My daughter would come back from school and tell me Teacher Evonne and Teacher Gladys had taught her in tuitions already.


Thank you Teacher Evonne and Teacher Gladys in Learning Point at Oasis Terraces.

Words from our Students


Secondary 2

Excellence In Literature (2019)

This course has improved my grades from a B4 to an A2.

I have also benefitted from the exposure I have received to various kinds of texts, such that when my school teacher gives me poems or prose to annotate, I am able to interpret and analyse them better.

Lessons in school are generally easier to follow, as I am able to understand, use and explain literary devices and other key concepts in Literature more effectively.

My awareness of the world around me has also been enhanced, and I now know more about the different problems that people and societies face.

I am equipped with skills that help me to interpret people’s emotions even when they express themselves through different modes, such as poems and songs. I have a greater sense of empathy towards the people around me too.


Secondary 2
Excellence In Literature (2019)

My grades have improved from a C6 to an A2.

Since the literature lessons at Learning Point, I have been better able to understand how the teachers’ interpretations come about. Key concepts in Literature that I was puzzled about before, are now manageable, and I am able to identify the literary devices that I could not grasp before. Through these classes, I can connect the literary devices to different texts and answer the questions with more confidence.