English Programmes

Our programmes are specially designed to groom your child to attain mastery over the English Language. With a unique blend of class activities and challenging, complex questions,  your child will emerge as a proficient and competent individual in the English Language.



  • Specially structured English phonics programme

  • Progressively challenging curriculum that ensures our students are continually stretched

  • Experiential learning through hands-on activities to capture attention and improve retention

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  • Structured and skill-based curriculum that builds students' command of English

  • In-class activities for reinforcement of grammar concepts

  • Personalised weekly feedback after each class



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  • Focused curriculum on answering strategies and skills

  • Thematic lessons to provide exposure

  • Frequent, active reading to unpack comprehension texts and passages

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  • Rigorous focus on creative writing techniques and literacy skills

  • Exposure to wider range of vocabulary and expressions

  • Constant application of techniques and advanced vocabulary through writing exercises 



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  • Exposure to current affairs through weekly activities

  • Strategic focus on answering strategies and writing techniques

  • Thematic lessons to provide greater exposure

  • Constant exposure to a wide variety of global and local issues

  • Interesting thematic topics to stimulate critical thinking

  • Weekly activities that develop various writing and reading comprehension skills

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  • Exposed to a wide variety of texts

  • In-depth explanations of specific key elements in text

  • Structured curriculum that runs concurrent with the school syllabus


Junior College

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  • Interesting thematic content with active group discussions

  • Content focused on current local and global issues

  • Specially chosen articles from a variety of sources