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Writing Whiz

2021 Year-End Holiday Programme   |   Suitable for P3 - P4 (2021)

Spark your child's natural curiosities for learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity, and develop their confidence with our Writing Whiz Holiday Programme. Your child will learn and be equipped with creative writing techniques, literacy skills and an increased range of vocabulary for an enhanced writing mastery.

How will Writing Whiz Help Your Child:
Methodology & Activities:


  • Expose them to the various nuances of language and literary devices

  • Sharpen them with advanced thematic vocabulary and expressions

  • Aid them in clearly expressing and communicating their ideas through multiple writing exercises 


  • Review their writing through error analysis to develop skills to edit and refine their work independently

  • Overall, hone their creative writing skills through personalised feedback with every written composition

  • Structured skills-based exercises


  • Creative writing activities

This Workshop Is Best Suited For:
  • Need/want to improve their Continuous Writing skills 


  • Gain confidence in expressing their ideas effectively and creatively for written compositions

Programme Schedule
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23rd - 25th Nov 2021

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10.30 AM - 12.30 PM


Thomson Plaza


S$ 250

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