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General Paper


This programme enhances students’ mastery in General Paper, while providing exposure to the critical thinking and analysis skills needed to tackle the challenging components of the syllabus. With a strong emphasis on current affairs, real world issues are intricately woven into our curriculum to enhance and challenge students’ opinions on local and global issues.

At the end of two years, students will gain knowledge and confidence in tackling challenging issues and themes in the GCE A Level.

Programme Highlights
Mastery of critical reasoning and writing skills

Focus on developing students' thinking and writing skills to answer each component of the General Paper exam clearly and succinctly.


Regular writing and comprehension practice with detailed analysis and feedback on improvements.


Exposes students to specially curated reading material and engages them in group discussions on current societal and global issues

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*Timings shown are indicative only and placement is subject to student suitability and the availability of places.

Complimentary Assessment

Our complimentary student assessment allows our teachers to analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides provides an insight into how your child responds to different methods and styles of learning. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Point methods and approaches are constantly evolving to help your child achieve academic excellence.

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