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General Paper


A rigorous programme, Learning Point’s General Paper programme equips students with essential skills and techniques that pave the way to exam excellence in the GCE ‘A’ Level examinations.

To excel at General Paper, students need to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of diverse topic areas, and be able to analyse and evaluate global and local issues across a variety of disciplines. It is essential for them to possess the ability to read, write and think critically when presented with course material and in answering exam questions.

This programme exposes students to an array of challenging reading material. Students will also participate in group discussions on current societal and global issues.

They will sharpen their thinking skills as they learn how to answer each component of the General Paper exam clearly and succinctly.

By the end of this programme, students will have the requisite content and skills mastery to excel in the General Paper for the GCE ‘A’ level examinations. 

Programme Highlights
Broad & Informative

Specially chosen articles from a variety of sources

Rigorous Practice

Regular writing and comprehension practices with in-depth correction analyses

High Exposure

Content focused on current local and global issues

In-depth Discussions

Interesting thematic content lectures with active group discussions

Reach Out To Us
Class Schedule

Thomson Plaza

Saturdays:  1.15pm,  5.15pm


*Timings shown are indicative only and placement is subject to student suitability and the availability of places.

Complimentary Assessment

Our complimentary student assessment allows our teachers to analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides provides an insight into how your child responds to different methods and styles of learning. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Point methods and approaches are constantly evolving to help your child achieve academic excellence.

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