How do you ensure your child has a meaningful and enjoyable June holidays?

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How do you ensure your child has a meaningful and enjoyable June holidays?

This June holidays, Learning Point brings you a series of holiday workshops that provide opportunities for your child to experience hands-on learning while having fun! 

At Learning Point, we promote critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for success beyond the classroom. We believe that children learn best through concrete experiences that are both fun and meaningful, and these factors are our prime considerations in planning this year’s June holiday programmes.

Enhancing Your Child’s Language Proficiency

Learning Point offers a range of June holiday workshops to enhance your primary school-going child’s language proficiency!

Lower Primary

Lower Primary participants will strengthen their speech and presentation skills through the I Write, I Show, I Tell workshop (Primary 1), and enhance their language skills through the Fun with Grammar and Vocabulary workshop (Primary 2).

Middle Primary

Middle Primary participants will build their Paper 2 competencies and writing skills through the Level Up! English camps and the Creative Writing workshops respectively. Both workshops are available to both Primary 3 and 4 students alike.

Upper Primary

Upper Primary participants will hone their examination skills in composition writing (Primary 5) and oral (Primary 6), through the Writers’ Workshop and the Ace Your PSLE Oral Exam! workshop respectively. Both workshops seek to equip participants with must-know strategies that enable them to excel in these exam components.

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Creative and Critical Thinking in Math


In line with engaging our students in creative and critical thinking, we are conducting a Math Concept Booster workshop, exclusively for Primary 3 students.

The Math Concept Booster workshop will challenge participants in a number of higher-order thinking skills. These include the use of bar models and the “before-difference-after” concept to solve word problems. Participants will also be introduced to patterns in Maths, where they will learn to find, solve, and interpret patterns. They will also be taught to solve 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication using the “grouping” concept

Contact us today for more details on the Math Concept Booster workshop – places are limited!


Developing a Spirit of Scientific Inquiry


At Learning Point, we believe the process of developing a spirit of scientific inquiry can be honed at any and every age. 


This June, we are offering the Budding Scientist workshop for our young learners (Primary 2), and the Effective Analysis and Answering Questions in Science workshop for Primary 6 students taking the PSLE.

Lower Primary

Budding Scientist participants will gain early exposure to scientific inquiry, with opportunities to participate in simple inquiry processes such as questioning, observation, and drawing appropriate conclusions.

Upper Primary

The Effective Analysis and Answering Questions in Science workshop exposes participants to a range of question types. Participants will be taught to plan, structure, reflect on and refine their answers to Science questions, in order to ensure exam excellence. In addition, participants will be given a set of open-ended questions, allowing them to practice the analysis and answering techniques taught in the workshop.

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