Important Announcement



As you will have read in the news, a Learning Point teacher has tested positive for Covid-19.  We take the safety of all our staff and students as an absolute priority and for full transparency we would like to clarify the timeline and action taken.


  • The teacher experienced diarrhoea and a bad headache on May 3rd. She rested on Tuesday May 4th and felt better on Wednesday May 5th. 


  • She felt well enough to do her workout routine on Thursday May 6th in the morning. In the evening of the same day she felt warm and took her temperature which was 37.3°C. 


  • She then conducted class at the two affected centres - Century Square on the 7th May and Parkway Centre on the 8th May. She did not register a high temperature during routine scanning, either at mall entry or at either of the two centres. 

  • In both locations, our CCTV footage shows that all our continuing Covid-19 safety protocols were carried out – hands were sanitised, the classroom was sanitised, the students observed social distancing and masks were worn throughout.


  • The teacher felt dizzy after class at Parkway Centre on Saturday 8th May and visited a doctor on Sunday 9th May. She was told this was likely a viral infection, was tested for dengue and was sent home without swabbing.


  • She still felt unwell and for faster processing she visited another doctor on Tuesday 11th. At her own request, she was swabbed. She was confirmed as Covid-19 positive on Wednesday 12th May and was warded. 


  • We took immediate action to shut down the 2 affected centres. The same day both centres were professionally cleaned and sanitised by MOH approved cleaning services. The teacher did not travel to any other centres in either April or May and our Thomson Plaza, Oasis Terraces, Bukit Timah Plaza and MacPherson Mall centres are unaffected.


As always, we continue to work closely with the appropriate authorities to ensure the well-being and continued academic progress of our students. Accordingly, following the increase in community cases and adhering to the government call to stay at home, all classes will be conducted online until June 13, effective immediately.


We will take every step to support our parents, students and staff through this challenging period. We have reminded all staff to take extra care of their health and if they are not feeling well to seek immediate attention.  


We continue to monitor and manage the situation and will provide pertinent further updates as they become available.

Learning Point

20 May 2021