Math Programmes

Our math programmes are formulated to hone your child's numeracy and problem solving skills. By the end of our programmes, your child will be adept and confident in analysing and solving a wide variety of questions in the assessments and beyond.



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  • Focused curriculum that covers key Primary 1 topics

  • Highly interactive activities to engage students 

  • Personalised weekly feedback after each class



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  • Use of real-world scenario questions

  • Structured programme that progressively builds upon concepts and skills 

  • Specific corrective actions to improve and strengthen thought processes



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  • Gradual, wide exposure to non-routine and higher order thinking questions

  • Structured, skill-based curriculum that focuses on techniques and strategies

  • Use of questions based on real world examples

  • Emphasis on mathematical reasoning, logic, and argumentation

  • Structured curriculum focusing on fundamental algebraic skills and concepts

  • Exposure to higher-order and challenging questions