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Words from our Parents

Wei Shan

Parent of Ada Chan

EIE Star Programme(2020)

"... Ada Chan has been with Learning Point since P1... She had A Star for English. We are extremely proud of her and we credit the good result to the strong foundation she set with Learning Point..."

Tan-Sin kai li

P1 headstart (2020)

"Learning Point has helped our child cultivate joy and interest in learning: something that we felt was critical during the foundational years. We were impressed by the teacher's patience and willingness to go the extra mile..."

Mrs Chong

Parent of Chen Xi

Excellence in English (2020)

"... my son has shown a great interest in learning English and always look forward to attend Teacher Christine's class. After every class, my son will chat endlessly with us on the interesting things that happened in the class..."

Mrs tan

Parent of Xuan Xuan

Excellence in English,

Excellence in Math (2020)

"... I see so much confidence and excitement in her when attempting Math questions. From previously disliking and dragging to do Math, to it becoming her favourite subject, is truly a great relief for me as a working mum..."

s h tong

P1 Headstart (2020)

"The programme is good and comprehensive. The teacher is very passionate and able to provide a strong foundation. We are assured that our child is in great hands to learn English here. Thank you for the extra effort in writing a detailed lesson briefing for my child even after the lesson."


Parents of Kieran Chew

Excellence in English (2019)

"...i’m impressed with the dedication of his teachers and the academic content of his English lessons. I’ve seen his interest pique since starting lessons [at Learning Point]..."

MDm TIE xin rong

Mother of Rose Yen

P1 Headstart Programme (2017)

"... The systematic and effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching materials and the patience, care and concern of her teacher have enabled Rose to make great progress..."

mdm cecilia chew

Parent of Gabriel Siah

Young Science Explorers (2016)

"...She has made improvements in her command of English, particularly in terms of her vocabulary and phonics..."


Parent of Cheong Rui En, Ashley

P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

"... It has sparked his interest in Science! He learnt how to answer questions in a systematic manner... also helped him build a strong foundation..."


Parent of Jayden Yap Jun Yi

P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

"... His sentence structure and words usage have improved..."

mdm melissa ho

Parent of Lucas Leau

P1 Headstart Programme (2015)

"...Keagan was with another school for 1.5 years until I realized he couldn’t do his blending at all. After just 3 lessons at Learning Point, I was pleased that he can do his blending..."

Mr Wee tien lung

Parent of Javier Wee

Read for Success Programme (2015)

"...He has gained a lot in this program with such a wonderful teacher. Keep it up..."

mdm gina lim

Parent of Keagan Cheong

Read for Success Programme (2014)

"...Keagan was with another school for 1.5 years until I realized he couldn’t do his blending at all. After just 3 lessons at Learning Point, I was pleased that he can do his blending..."

Words from our students

Chan Shi Kai

Secondary 2

Excellence in Literature (2019)

"... This course has improved my grades from a B4 to an A2. I have also benefitted from the exposure I have received to various kinds of texts, I am able to interpret and analyse them better..."

Chua SHan Yu

Secondary 2

Excellence in Literature (2019)

"...My grades have improved from a C6 to an A2... Through these classes, I can connect the literary devices to different texts and answer the questions with more confidence..."

Gladys Tan

Junior College 2

General Paper Programme (2019)

"... I became more confident and comfortable in tackling the various components of the GP paper, ultimately scoring an A for GP in the A levels (2019). It has been a true joy..."

Ysable shayne lee

Primary 4

Progress in English (2017)

"...Learning Point has provided me a range of skills which allow me to become more confident in all aspects of my academic English learning... "

Cheryl Chan

Secondary 4

Excellence in Math (2016)

"...My years with Learning Point have definitely helped me in my journey towards success... with the notes Learning Point provided as well as Ms Jasmine’s patient teaching, getting an A was a goal within my reach"

Nicole Chan

Secondary 4

Excellence in Math (2016)

"...Thanks to Learning Point, I have successfully achieved an A2 for Additional Mathematics for the ‘O’ Levels. The notes and worksheets provided by Learning Point have been such a great help to me as the challenging questions have made me learn..."

Law Wing Sum

Secondary 4

Excellence in English, Excellence in Math (2016)

"...I scored A2 for English and A1 for Additional Math, with an L1R5 of 7...I would like to express my appreciation to the teachers who have taught me and enabled me to do well in the 'O' Levels."

Kayleigh Low

Primary 5

Progress in English (2014)

"...Learning Point is very interesting and I am able to learn a lot of things from the lessons. My teacher is also very patient..."

Nicole oo

Primary 6

Progress in English (2014)

"...I look forward to coming to Learning Point. After a few lessons, my composition improved..."