Our Teachers

Passionate, nurturing, competent and committed, our teachers are the best in what we do. We walk alongside our students and inspire them to excel in school and in life.

Only the Best

Our teachers are competent educators who are specialists in our respective teaching fields. We impart the necessary skills to our students and make academic content relevant to help them understand and apply in their work.

Passionate & Nurturing

We desire for our students to succeed and achieve excellence while nurturing their love for learning. Intentional when connecting with each child, we seek to continually help them improve their craft. Going the extra mile to help our students to enjoy learning and motivating them to be better than who they are today.


Learning is a lifelong process and we actively explore new ways to become more effective educators. We keep ourselves updated with the latest teaching pedagogies,


MOE syllabus and educational technologies. Together with our comprehensive in-house trainings and knowledge sharing sessions, we are highly competent in engaging and empowering our students to be motivated learners.


"She has made improvements in her command of English, particularly in terms of her vocabulary and phonics. The teachers has also helped me recognise that my child needs help in certain areas. Thank you  for your dedication..."

Mdm Er Li Shih, Parent of Ashley

P1 Headstart (2015)