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Primary 6
Math & Science Headstart Programme

19 - 22 December 2023, 1 pm - 4 pm

For Primary 6 students

Embark on a transformative academic journey with our Primary 6 Math & Science Headstart Programme!


As your child approaches the crucial Primary 6 year, we understand the challenges they may face in Math and Science. Our 2-day programmes are meticulously crafted to bolster their skills, from mastering key PSLE-tested concepts in Mathematics to confidently navigating the complexities of Science, ensuring a seamless transition to advanced topics. 


Building Strong Foundations for Success!

Mathematics Programme

Our 2-day Math programme will focus on the key concepts that are commonly tested in PSLE. We will cover the following heuristic skills that will aim to improve your child’s results in:


  • Assumption Vs Guess and Check 

  • Excess vs Shortage in various contexts 

  • Grouping and Number x Value 

  • Perimeter and Area in Composite Figures 

  • Part-Whole vs Part-Part (Whole Number, Fraction, Percentage and Ratio) 

Our Math programme will help to empower your child to master foundation in Lower Primary Math, confidently apply key PSLE-tested concepts, and excel in solving complex word problems for a seamless progression to advanced topics

Science Programme

Our 2-day Science programme will help to boost your child's confidence and performance in PSLE Booklet B. We'll cover misconceptions, scoring tips, and common question types. Our comprehensive answering technique ensures your child can confidently tackle any structured question. 

Our Science programme enhances knowledge and skills for open-ended questions, teaching students to identify key terms, recall concepts, and express answers with confidence. Give your child the tools to excel in PSLE Science Booklet B.

Programme Schedule

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19 & 20 December


21 & 22 December

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1 pm - 4 pm


Thomson Plaza



for each subject programme


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