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Empowering Your Child
For PSLE Success! 

Wondering what lies ahead at the PSLE? Received your P5 year-end results and wondering how to support your PSLE preparation? How do the top 5% (or AL1) students tackle the most difficult questions in the PSLE?

How can I help my child to perform his or her best in the PSLE?

Our education specialists, who have years of experience under their belts, are here to break down these questions for you. 

Speakers' Profiles

Charis Circle.png
Head of Primary English
  • More than 12 years of teaching experience

  • Held academic leadership roles

Addy Circle.png
Head of Primary Math & Science
  • 14 years of teaching experience

  • National Day Award Recipient

Topics to be discussed:

Designed by our experienced specialists for PSLE excellence


  • Composition skills

  • Comprehension open-ended skills

  • Revision Tips

  • Question Trends

Mathematics & Science

  • Problem Sum solving Heuristics

  • MCQ Process of Elimination

  • Real-world context questions

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Unleash Your Child's Full Potential

Learning Point, a leading enrichment centre, offers English, Math and Science programmes for pre-school to junior college students. Join us as we take your child on a journey of lifelong learning! 

Passionate Teachers

Our teachers are competent educators who are specialists in their respective teaching fields.

Our Beliefs

We aim to continuously promote critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for success beyond the classroom.

Our Curriculum

Through regular exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels, our students will fully embrace the core competencies of 21st century learners.

Our Track Record

We consistently deliver excellent results. Our students have been performing and exceeding beyond national standards at the PSLE

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