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Secondary 1 Headstart  Programme

For students currently in Primary 6 who will be transitioning to Secondary 1 in 2024.


Is your child going to Secondary 1 next year?


Our specially designed Secondary 1 Headstart Programme will give your child a chance to experience the greater curriculum demands in secondary school. This 3-day course runs from 1 November to 17 November at Learning Point Thomson Plaza. The course fees is $150 and you can register now by contacting our staff at +65 8547 8865. Registrations end 31 October so act now.

Enrol your child in Learning Point's Secondary 1 Headstart Programme for your child to get a real taste of the challenges and opportunities that await him/her in secondary school.


Your child's English compositions will be longer, requiring a greater knowledge of current affairs, a wider range of vocabulary and tons of creativity. Comprehension passages will force your child to think like J.R.R. Tolkien and Russel Lee. Mathematics questions will challenge your child to think outside the box to solve problems that include real-world situations. Let your child dive straight into the Science domains of Chemistry, Physics and Biology to observe and explore the natural science phenomena that revolve around us. 

Key features

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