Students' Testimonials

Chan Shi Kai

Excellence in Literature

Secondary 2, 2019

" This course has improved my grades from a B4 to an A2.

I have also benefitted from the exposure I have received to various kinds of texts, such that when my school teacher gives me poems or prose to annotate, I am able to interpret and analyse them better. Lessons in school are generally easier to follow, as I am able to understand, use and explain literary devices and other key concepts in Literature more effectively. My awareness of the world around me has also been enhanced, and I now know more about the different problems that people and societies face. I am equipped with skills that help me to interpret people’s emotions even when they express themselves through different modes, such as poems and songs. I have a greater sense of empathy towards the people around me too. "

Chua Shan Yu

Excellence in Literature

Secondary 2, 2019

"My grades have improved from a C6 to an A2.

Since the literature lessons at Learning Point, I have been better able to understand how the teachers’ interpretations come about. Key concepts in Literature that I was puzzled about before, are now manageable, and I am able to identify the literary devices that I could not grasp before. Through these classes, I can connect the literary devices to different texts and answer the questions with more confidence."

Gladys Tan

General Paper Programme

Junior College 2, 2019

"During my time at Learning point, I was blessed with many devoted and patient teachers. In particular,  I was honoured to be tutored by a very knowledgeable and highly qualified GP teacher. I always looked forward to lessons with him because he was energetic and interesting; there was never a dull moment in class. More importantly, his systematic and comprehensive style of teaching has not only broadened my horizons and allowed me to appreciate the analytical nuances in different topics, but also honed my skills in articulating my thoughts cogently in both my writing and speech. 


Under his tutelage, I started to truly enjoy reading and writing, and every writing assignment became an opportunity to express myself and to engage with the thought-provoking issues we discussed in class. Over time, I became more confident and comfortable in tackling the various components of the GP paper, ultimately scoring an A for GP in the A levels (2019). It has been a true joy learning under him the last 2 years and I would highly recommend anyone who struggles with GP to sign up for the GP program with Learning Point!"

Ysabel Shayne lee

Excellence in English

Primary 4, 2017

"I have joined Learning Point at the age of 5. Coming from an English speaking family, I never thought I needed a lot of support for my first language. I was wrong. Learning Point has provided me a range of skills which allow me to become more confident in all aspects of my academic English learning. Particularly over the last 24 months, the Learning Point curriculum has prepared me for the rigors of the formal examinations. For example, my written English has improved and I am now able to score fairly high marks for my comprehension assessment.

With a strong foundation in English language, which is the fundamental language used for 3 out of 4 subjects in a primary school, I was able to come in first position in class last year. I am not taking this achievement for granted. The Learning Point academic system has had a real impact towards my school tests and exams, assisting me to achieve far more than I thought I was able to. I am particularly grateful to my teachers at Learning Point for guiding me patiently in each session. Their support has given me the ability to attempt my school’s English exam papers with full confidence. I continue to look forward to grow in maturity in this fun, enjoyable and stimulating environment.”

Cheryl Chan

Excellence in English,

Excellence in Math,

Science Explorer's Programme

Secondary 4, 2016

"My years with Learning Point have definitely helped me in my journey towards success. By providing challenging math questions that made me want to tear my hair out, it helped me to prepare myself for the upcoming battle. Ms Jasmine has been both patient and caring in her teaching. She would always answer my mountain load of questions with a kind smile,sometimes even doing so long after the lesson has ended. Studying for the ‘O’ levels was never an easy task, but with the notes Learning Point provided as well as Ms Jasmine’s patient teaching, getting an A was a goal within my reach”

Nicole Chan

Excellence in Math

Secondary 4, 2016

"Thanks to Learning Point, I have successfully achieved an A2 for Additional Mathematics for the ‘O’ Levels. The notes and worksheets provided by Learning Point have been such a great help to me as the challenging questions have made me learn to think out of the box. As such, I am truly thankful to have attended the lessons at Learning Point.

Thank you Ms Jasmine for being such an inspiring Math teacher to me. My grades have improved thanks to your constant guidance for the past year. You have helped clear my doubts and reminded me of the areas where I am falling behind. I am now able to better grasp the formulas and concepts because of the corrections and the advice that you have given me.”

Nicole Oo

Excellence in English

Primary 6, 2014

"I look forward to coming to Learning Point. After a few lessons, my composition actually improved. The standard in Learning Point is high"

Kayleigh Low

Excellence in English

Primary 5, 2014

"Learning Point is very interesting and I am able to learn a lot of things from the lessons. My teacher is also very patient. She is always teaching us new words. I love Learning Point!"

Rachel Au-Yong

Excellence in English

Primary 6, 2001

“Classes at Learning Point never felt like a chore. They were an avenue for me to stretch my creativity, and write stories my school teachers may not have had the time to entertain. They also had a mini library – a great source of entertainment for a child. I learned a lot about the beauty and power of words during my time here.”