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Model Drawing

2021 Year-End Holiday Programme   |   Suitable for P2 (2021)

Bar Modelling is an essential building block that allows your child to draw and visualise mathematical concepts to solve problems. Often used as a tool to solve complex word problems, our 3-day Model Drawing Programme will help your child to develop their mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills to tackle and find solutions to challenging word problem.


How Will Model Drawing Help Your Child:

The building blocks for Primary Mathematics

Methodology & Activities:

  • Discern between Part-Whole Model and Comparison Model 


  • Solve 2-step word problems using Part-Whole model (Addition & Subtraction)


  • Solve 2-step word problems using Comparison model (Addition & Subtraction)


  • Solving Multiplication & Division word problems using bar modelling


  • Interpret complex word problem through drawing pictorial model

  • Visualise, represent and relate known and unknown quantities in the word problems with bar modelling


  • Solve word problems from different math topics, such as Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimal, Ratio, Percentage, with bar modelling


  • Overall, understand and master how bar models can be applied in word problems, tackle word problems confidently, and excel in math.

This Workshop Is Best Suited For:

  • Primary 2 who are struggling with model drawing and Primary 1 students who are advanced in Math.

Programme Schedule

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23rd - 25th Nov 2021

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10.30 AM - 12.30 PM


Thomson Plaza


S$ 250

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