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Our Beliefs

We believe that learning is not just about excelling in examinations. We aim to continuously promote critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for success beyond the classroom. Our curriculum helps to cultivate these skills while honing content knowledge for our students to emerge as 21st Century thinkers ahead of their time.

Critical Thinkers

Our students are regularly exposed to challenging questions and scenarios in our nurturing classroom environment. We aim to develop their critical thinking skills by giving them the structure and confidence to expertly analyse & respond in any situation.

Creative Thinkers

Our lesson materials encourage our students to think outside the box. This ensures that they will be proficient in considering multiple perspectives and providing unique responses that set them apart from their peers.

Growth Mindset

Beyond enrichment, we desire for our students to develop their love for learning. Through innovative teaching methodologies, our students will grow to become confident and resilient, overcoming any obstacles they face in school and in life.


"Classes at Learning Point never felt like a chore. They were an avenue for me to stretch my creativity, and write stories my school teachers may not have had the time to entertain..."

Rachel Au-Yong, Primary 6

Excellence in English (2001)

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