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Our Pedagogy

At Learning Point, our curriculum equips students to reach their full potential in a fun, challenging, and result-oriented environment.



We go beyond the standard syllabus, exposing students to a wide range of questions to enhance their understanding.


Fun & Challenging

Our curriculum is designed to make learning enjoyable and stimulating, encouraging critical and creative thinking.


Desired Results

Our goal is to help students achieve their desired results, equipping them with the skills they need to excel acadically and beyond.



Parent of Primary 1 student


P1 Headstart (English)

"My daughter, Klaudia, is in the P1 headstart program with Teacher Terine. We appreciate how she makes learning English fun and interactive through songs and visual representations of rules. In just 5 months, Klaudia has progressed from being unable to read to confidently finishing books and completing English homework independently. Teacher Terine's teaching style has ignited joy and positive changes in Klaudia's attitude toward mastering English. Highly recommend her classes!"

Xue Hang

Secondary 3 student


Excellence In English

"Thank you, Teacher Theresa, for making Sec 3 English enjoyable and helping me make great progress. I've gone from struggling with summary questions and getting F9s to scoring A1s in exams. English is now my favourite subject, and I approach it with confidence. I appreciate your dedication to communication and ensuring that I can catch up if I miss class. You've truly made a difference in my learning journey and my love for the subject. Thank you so much!"


Parent of Primary 2 student


Read For Success

P1 Headstart (English)

Excellence In English

"My son has been with Learning Point since N1 and is now in P2. His English skills have significantly improved, consistently earning full marks in school. Since K1, he's been able to read a variety of books independently, thanks to the dedication of Teacher Mag. She not only guides students in English mastery but also inspires independent thinking and learning."

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