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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is crafted to equip and empower our students to reach their full potential. Through regular exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels, our students will fully embrace the core competencies of 21st century learners.

Structured & Organised

All our programmes are designed to scaffold and build our students' confidence & joy in learning. At every learning milestone checkpoint, our students will display a strong grasp of the various subject areas and be able to apply the skills taught to them in different situations.

Fun & Engaging

Relatable and hands-on class activities help to ensure that learning is more effective and interesting for your child. Our goal is for our students to enjoy learning and be inspired to take ownership of their learning processes.

MOE Plus

Our curriculum is designed to push our students ahead of their learning curves. Providing a solid foundation based on the MOE syllabus, together with the use of challenging content and varied exposure, our students will be confident in tackling questions of any difficulty in their examinations.


"As a mother, I am particularly impressed with the excellent programmes and the teaching culture of Learning Point teachers. The systematic and effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching materials and the patience, care and concern of her teacher have enabled Rose to make great progress within a short time!"

Mdm Tie Xin Rong, Parent of Rose

P1 Headstart (2017)

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