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Our Teachers

At Learning Point, our teachers are more than just educators - they are passionate, nurturing, competent, and committed mentors. They walk alongside our students, inspiring them to excel both in school and in life, making lessons fun, challenging, and results-oriented.

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Teachers are the key to our success. That is why we only employ experienced teachers, not fresh graduates. Our teachers are specialists in their respective fields, imparting necessary skills and making academic content relevant and understandable. They take on challenging questions, turning them into opportunities for students to grow and excel.


Nurturing Mentors

We desire for our students to succeed and achieve excellence, all while nurturing their love for learning. We connect with each child intentionally, helping them improve and motivating them to be better than they were yesterday. This is where lessons become a journey of personal growth and achievement.


Continuous Training

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and this applies to our teachers too. We stay updated with the latest teaching pedagogies, MOE syllabus, and educational technologies. Through comprehensive in-house training and knowledge sharing sessions, we ensure that we are competent in engaging and empowering our students to become motivated learners.



Parent of Primary 6 student


Excellence In English

I want to thank Ms. Yin for being an amazing and friendly teacher to my daughter for the past four years. Her unique and engaging teaching style has significantly boosted my daughter's grades. Ms. Yin's approach includes jokes, asking about the students' days, and creating a positive learning atmosphere. She acknowledges top scorers in compositions and actively helps each student improve by giving personalized feedback. Ms. Yin's dedication is evident as she stays back for additional lessons every Tuesday and engages with other parents to support their children.


Parent of Primary 4 student


Excellence In English

Since 2019, I've enrolled my children at Learning Point Oasis and Thomson, and it's been a transformative experience. I'm highly impressed with the Learning Point EIE Programme. I want to express my gratitude to the teachers who have dedicatedly taught my children, ensuring their academic success. A special thanks to Ms. Ho at Thomson, currently teaching my P4 child – thank you for making learning interesting!

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