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Excellence in Math (Primary)


Excellence in Math (Primary), a skill-based programme,  develops our students’ critical thinking, reasoning, and meta-cognitive skills through applied content that reinforces real-world learning. It enhances students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics through the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. 

As they progress through primary school, students will gain exposure to a myriad of questions that require higher-order thinking skills. They will be taught to hone their problem-solving skills, building their confidence to handle non-routine questions. This nurtures students who are highly adept in identifying, analysing, and responding to a wide repertoire of challenging questions.


With the continual revision and application of concepts, students receive constant reinforcement of what they have learnt. Through targeted error analysis, students are provided with specific corrective actions that will improve and strengthen the clarity and precision of their answers. As students prepare for the PSLE, they will be equipped with exam skills that will enable them to tackle Math questions with speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Programme Highlights
Fun and Hands-on Activities

Highly interactive activities to engage students and promote experiential learning. Use of EdTech in the classroom to make the learning experiences come alive.

Building a strong foundation

Special focus on core mathematical skills (e.g. Algebra)

Real World

Use of realistic contexts to promote connections between mathematics and everyday life and spark enthusiasm and curioisty in students


Gradual, wide exposure to a repertoire of non-routine and higher order thinking questions

Comprehensive feedback

Regular comprehensive feedback to improve and strengthen the clarity and precision of their answers.


Rigorous and advanced curriculum developed by in-house specialists with MOE experience. We go beyond the standard syllabus, exposing students to a wide range of questions to enhance their understanding.

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*Timings shown are indicative only and placement is subject to student suitability and the availability of places.

Complimentary Assessment

Our complimentary student assessment allows our teachers to analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides provides an insight into how your child responds to different methods and styles of learning. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Point methods and approaches are constantly evolving to help your child achieve academic excellence.

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