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Excellence in 
Science (Secondary)


At the heart of our Excellence in Science programme are regular, interactive lab experiments that make science concepts tangible and exciting for students.


These hands-on experiences, tied to real-world scenarios, foster robust integrated processing skills and ignite a spirit of scientific inquiry.


Students are exposed to a wide range of challenging higher-order questions and are equipped with proven techniques to excel in their responses.


Our focus on hands-on and interactive activities ensures that learning is not just theoretical, but also practical and engaging!

Programme Highlights
Fun and Interactive

Regular Fun and Interactive Lab Experiments make science concepts come alive!

Integrated processing

Students build strong integrated processing skills and develop a spirit of scientific inquiry through regular scientific experiements.

Scenario Based Questions

Frequent exposure to a wide range of questions based on real-world contexts

Proven techniques

Proven techniques to excel at challenging higher order questions

Interactive Activities

Apply scientific concepts through hands on and interactive activities.

Reach Out To Us

*Timings shown are indicative only and placement is subject to student suitability and the availability of places.

Complimentary Assessment

Our complimentary student assessment allows our teachers to analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides provides an insight into how your child responds to different methods and styles of learning. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Point methods and approaches are constantly evolving to help your child achieve academic excellence.

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