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Synthesis & Transformation


Empower your child for academic excellence with Learning Point's engaging Synthesis and Transformation (S&T) exercises!

Our carefully curated booklet is designed to boost your child's grammar skills while making learning fun and interactive. Each chapter is thoughtfully crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of essential grammar items. We provide detailed explanations, ensuring your child knows exactly when and how to use each sentence structure.

With our worked examples, we go beyond theory and offer clear illustrations of the thinking process. This enables your child to grasp the concepts easily and apply them confidently. We believe in hands-on learning, which is why we've included additional questions at the end of each chapter. These practice exercises allow your child to sharpen their skills through independent practice, reinforcing what they've learned.


Give your child the advantage they deserve with Learning Point's Synthesis and Transformation exercises. Start their journey to academic success today!


To get two sample chapters of the S&T booklet, you may Whatsapp our customer service staff at  


  • 18 grammar items across a range of difficulty levels

  • Worked examples and detailed explanations for each grammar item

  • Practice exercises for students to reinforce their learning

  • Answer key provided so students can assess their learning independently

Available at

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$ 15 (LP Student) 

S$ 18 (Non-LP Student)

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