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Synthesis & Transformation


Learning Point’s Guide to Synthesis and Transformation is designed to support students in their mastery of the Synthesis and Transformation component of the PSLE. Written in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s English syllabus, this book aims to equip students with grammatically correct sentence structures for effective written communication.


With a wide array of sentence structures, this book offers numerous opportunities for students to hone their Synthesis and Transformation skills in preparation for the PSLE. We hope that this book provides our students with confidence to tackle a variety of Synthesis and Transformation questions.


With detailed annotations provided for each grammar item, the book provides a clear structure for tackling Synthesis and Transformation questions. Through these aspects, the book offers students a guided approach to Synthesis and Transformation, allowing them to visually understand and correctly apply each sentence structure. The format of this book encourages self-directed learning, which sets it apart from the other books in the market.


  • 18 grammar items across a range of difficulty levels

  • Worked examples and detailed explanations for each grammar item

  • Practice exercises for students to reinforce their learning

  • Answer key provided so students can assess their learning independently

Available at

All Learning Point



$ 15 (LP Student) 

S$ 18 (Non-LP Student)

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