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Is Your Lower Primary Child Able to Construct A Good Story?


Complimentary readiness assessment available now.


As a heritage enrichment centre committed to educational excellence for the past 25 years, Learning Point provides English, Math, and Science programmes for primary school students.

Learning Point seeks to inculcate the love for the English language in every child. We endeavour to raise a generation of wordsmiths and orators who speak and write with confidence, with a lifelong passion for language and literature.


Experience the Joy of Learning English

In our Excellence for English (EIE) programmes, our Lower Primary students have abundant opportunities to experience the joy of learning without the added pressure of meeting a grade on a test.


Nonetheless, we also acknowledge the primary school years as a continual journey, culminating in the PSLE. Hence, we seek to empower your child with skills and confidence to rise up for the challenge when it comes.

Why us?

Empowering Students for Excellence

At Learning Point, we believe a strong language foundation is integral to building competence and confidence as a writer and reader.


With programmes that seek to inculcate a love for learning, coupled alongside an engaging classroom experience, student engagement remains of paramount importance.


High-Value Educational Experience

Our curriculum aims to meet our students where they are at, while simultaneously challenging them to achieve more.


Learning Point’s Excellence in English programmes are structured to scaffold and build students’ confidence and joy in learning. Our comprehension passages provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice active reading skills. In critically analysing the texts they read, students get to hone higher order thinking skills such as prediction.

Partnership with Parents


We believe that parents should be partners in their children’s education.


Hence, in keeping to our commitment to establishing a firm learning foundation in our students, we view parental involvement as an integral part of the journey.


This is why we endeavour to keep parents constantly updated on their children’s progress. In this way, parents can partner in developing their children’s academic strengths while helping their child overcome their respective weaknesses.


Thanks to the teachers for teaching Xuan Xuan in answering comprehension questions correctly and in writing creative composition. She is always so excited talking about her story writing after class. Thanks for keeping her so enthusiastic.

Learning Point at Oasis Terraces has prepped my daughter so well and it is a breeze for her in school. My daughter would come back from school and tell me her teachers had taught her in tuitions already. Thank you Learning Point!


Mrs Tan,

parent of Xuan Xuan, Excellence in English (2020)


Get in touch with us!


For programme registration or enquiries, Whatsapp us now or write to us and we will be in touch.

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