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Learning is a Journey.

Learning Point, a leading enrichment centre, offers English, Math and Science programmes for pre-school to junior college students. Join us as we take your child on a journey of lifelong learning!


"Where learning is fun, challenging and brings desired results"

At Learning Point, we believe students learn best when presented with appropriately challenging and engaging learning opportunities. We strive to challenge our students at every stage of their academic journey, from primary school to post-secondary education, by providing them with rigorous and stimulating coursework, along with a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

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Stellar Track Record

With a remarkable reputation for nurturing young minds, our enrichment centre's proven track record ensures holistic development and future success.



Years of experience

A & A*

Students that scored AL1 and AL2


1 out of 2 students achieved a score of AL1 and AL2



1 out of 3 students achieved a score of AL1 and AL2



1 out of 2 students achieved a score of AL1 and AL2

Our Programmes

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Uniquely Learning Point


We believe in making learning an enjoyable journey. Our interactive and engaging curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and make education a thrilling adventure for your child.


We aim to stretch your child's potential to the fullest. Our challenging yet supportive learning environment encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and resilience, preparing your child for a future full of possibilities.

Desired Results

Our results-oriented approach ensures your child's academic success. We align our teaching methods with MOE syllabi, incorporate exam skills training, and regularly update our curriculum to stay relevant, bringing desired results.

5 Stars

Trusted by parents and students who are seeking high-quality, engaging, and challenging education.


Parent of Primary 3 Student


Excellence In English

"Aurelia achieved an impressive score of 97% for her EOY exam. She has been a part of Learning Point for approximately a term now, and during this time, her grammar skills have notably improved. Additionally, she attained full marks in Language Paper 2. Thank you, Teacher Gladys!"


Parent of Primary 1 student


Excellence In Math

"Thank you Ms June for always making P1 Mathematics so fun for Darlene. I’ve seen her improve leaps and bounds from not knowing how to add beyond 10 to loving and excelling in Mathematics. She tells me that Mathematics is her favourite subject now and she tackles this subject with confidence in school, what a pleasant way to kickstart her journey in Mathematics in Primary school."

Mrs Lim

Parent of Primary 4 student


Excellence In Math

"Evan achieved an outstanding score of 94/100 in his End-of-Year Math exam. I am truly grateful that you are his Math teacher; he genuinely enjoys your lessons, and I have noticed a positive transformation in his proactive approach since joining your Math classes. Thank you, Teacher Jiaxuan for your dedication and impactful teaching!"

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