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How to Make the Most of Your September Holiday

It can be difficult to balance the desire to relax with the need to prepare for upcoming exams during a holiday. To make it a bit easier for you, we have put together some tips which you may find useful this holiday.

Create a timetable

You need to identify the topics that need extra attention and build yourself a clear and achievable plan. What is your aim? To study at least two subjects a day and to tackle a certain number of questions? Stick to it.

Study group sessions

Need some motivation to hit the books? Get your friends together in a conducive environment to go over tricky questions. You could do it at the comfort of your home or go to the library. However, avoid getting distracted when working with your study buddies! Remind each other of your goals.

Tip: Minimize distractions by switching off your phone.

Get help from your family

You don’t have to hide in your room alone with your nose buried in the books all day. Get your family members to quiz you to trigger your memory, and to ensure that you have absorbed and retained the information that you need.

Reward yourself for studying

Continue taking part in activities that make you feel good. If you love playing basketball, go ahead and sweat it out. If music is go-to for de-stressing, take a break and listen to your favourite songs.

Eat at regular intervals to keep nutrient and energy levels stable, and keep a regular sleeping schedule. A calm mind and well-nourished body will yield the best results on the exam day.


Remember to pace yourself for the long haul. Work backwards to ensure that you are rested and have revised enough to face the exams with confidence.

Prepare to succeed!


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