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PSLE Tips: Listening Comprehension

Listening is one of the fundamental skills in language learning, yet it is often overlooked as we tend to take it for granted. With the Listening Comprehension Examination coming up, we have some tips for you here!

  1. Arrive in school ahead of time to avoid last minute panic, and bring at least two 2B pencils for the exam.

  2. Settle into your designated seat and take slow, deep breaths. Tell yourself that by the end of this Listening Examination, it will be another hurdle cleared. Staying calm will reduce the chance of your mind wandering and losing focus.

  3. Glance through the question paper before the passage is being read to help you anticipate what kind of information you need to watch out for.

  4. Listen carefully to the passage and make sure that you interpret the questions correctly.

  5. Pay attention to the questions while the passage is being read. With your eyes on the questions and ears listening intently, you will be able to make a connection between the passage and questions asked instead of having your mind drifting off. It would help to circle the answers during the first reading and you can double check the answers later.

  6. It’s not time to relax yet! Check your answers during the second reading. Listen critically and ask yourself if what you have just heard is the correct answer to the question.

  7. Ensure that you have shaded the correct OAS ovals.


Give yourself a pat on the back – it’s another examination off the list. All the best!


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