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PSLE Tips: Mathematics Paper

The PSLE Mathematics Examination is just around the corner. Here are some pointers to help you do your best!

Attempt Every Question – But Not In Order

“Do not leave any blanks, even if you think you don’t know the answer!”

Sounds familiar? Yes, that’s something you always should do. For MCQs, you can always make an educated guess. When tackling problem sums, you will earn method marks for your working.

However, you don’t need to do the questions in order. You should balance this by first attempting all questions that you are confident of. Time management is key to any examination. Skip any problem that you aren’t immediately sure how to tackle. You can even mark them so you remember to go back – circling or writing the question number down.

Read Carefully and Use the Right Units

Always read the information given in every problem carefully, especially in Paper 2. Some questions may have tricky phrasings or requirements that can trip you up.

Some questions may even look familiar but they are actually not! Make sure to read each question twice before solving it. Little things like using the right value of π (3.14 or 22/7) or using the correct units of measurement can make a whole world of difference. Read the question carefully to check and see if there is any specific unit that you must leave your answer in.

Check, Check, and Check Again

Should you complete your paper early, always check your answers! Don’t just check the final one, but check each calculation too. If you’re short on time, go straight to the longer, more difficult questions with multiple parts. Those are where you can lose more marks with a single careless error.

Also, please always check to make sure no pages have stuck together and that you’ve not missed any questions. It sounds silly, but this is a horrible, horrible way to lose marks, from personal experience.

Treat Your Body Right

It may be tempting to do last minute revision or sacrifice some sleep to study more. Even if it’s not the night before, don’t do it! A fresh mind and a healthy body are much more important. You will concentrate better with enough rest. Exercise is also a good way to help you keep focused throughout your revision.

Keep these tips in mind when tackling your paper in two weeks. All the best!


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