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Primary 3 Webinar

"What to Expect at your First Weighted Assessment?"

25th January 2024, 7.00 pm

"What to expect at your first Weighted Assessment?"

Join us for an insightful session where we will delve into the core elements assessed in English, Mathematics, and Science at the Primary 3 level. 

Discover the challenging components and topics that require special attention, and gain valuable insights on preparing your child for Primary 3 assessments. From understanding weighted assessments to navigating year-end exams, this webinar aims to equip parents with essential strategies to support their child's success. 

Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring a strong start and future success for your child in these key subjects.

Speakers' Profiles
Charis Circle.png
Head of Primary English
  • More than 12 years of teaching experience

  • Held academic leadership roles

Addy Circle.png
Head of Mathematics & Science
  • 17 years of teaching experience

  • National Day Award Recipient

Topics to be discussed:

Designed by our experienced specialists for PSLE excellence


  • Mastering the Art of Composition Writing in the Latest Format

  • Navigating Open-ended Comprehension with New Question Types

  • Unravelling the Complexity of Synthesis and Transformation as a New Component


  • Equipping your child for success in the updated P3 Mathematics syllabus and beyond

  • Understanding the assessment objectives essential for P3 Maths excellence

  • Decoding the format of the P3 Mathematics paper

  • Essential heuristic skills every P3 student must master


  • Mastering the application of scientific skills while grasping and understanding scientific facts and concepts

  • Navigating the format of the P3 Science paper

  • Exploring hot topics and key Science concepts for P3 success

P3 Webinar

Unleash Your Child's Full Potential

Learning Point, a leading enrichment centre, offers English, Math and Science programmes for pre-school to junior college students. Join us as we take your child on a journey of lifelong learning! 

Passionate Teachers

Our teachers are competent educators who are specialists in their respective teaching fields.

Our Beliefs

We aim to continuously promote critical and creative thinking skills that are vital for success beyond the classroom.

Our Curriculum

Through regular exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels, our students will fully embrace the core competencies of 21st century learners.

Our Track Record

We consistently deliver excellent results. Our students have been performing and exceeding beyond national standards at the PSLE

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