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Five Habits of a Happy Secondary School Student

Stay active

It’s easy for your child to neglect his or her health when he or she is overwhelmed by school work. With countless assignments and projects to juggle, many secondary level students tend to prioritise their academics and grades before anything else.

It is important for your child to stay healthy and active especially when it comes to the exam period when he or she will tend to stay up late just to squeeze in that extra bit of information for that Biology exam tomorrow.

Encourage your teen to stay active by bringing them out for workouts on the weekends or accompanying them on a quick jog after school. Not only does this ensure that your child can work in some exercise amidst his or her packed schedule, it is also a good way for your child to relieve all that stress from mugging, ensuring that he or she stays cheerful and energetic.

Eat healthy

It can be tough for anyone – even more so for a teenager – to develop healthy eating habits due to various reasons. Having little or no access to healthy foods, being too busy to bother, and caving in to peer pressure are just some of the reasons why all of us face problems developing healthy eating habits.

Even though it might seem daunting, developing healthy eating habits with your teenager is crucial to ensure that they can be at their best at all times, and it is not as tough as you might think it is.

Choose alternatives for junk foods which usually have excessive amounts of salt and sugar in them – have snacks such as oat cookies instead of the regular double chocolate fudge cookies or some yogurt in place of ice cream. Also, do your best to arrange for family meals/dinners and whip up healthy and nutritious ones for the family. Making a conscious effort to have healthier foods ensures that your child is taking in all the nutrients he or she needs and can ultimately positively influence his or her well-being.

Get enough sleep

We all know that it’s necessary to get plenty of rest, especially as a student. However, teens can be very socially active, leading to late-evening outings or calls and texts. Teens who are at their rebellious stage also sometimes choose to have late bedtimes as they develop a desire to make their own choices or decisions related to their lifestyles.

To tackle this issue, try to sit your teenager down, get him or her to set a fix time for bed every day, and work with him or her to ensure that the timing is being followed. This will allow your child to develop a fixed bedtime which will ensure that he or she can get enough sleep. In addition, this will also help your child develop a regular sleep pattern which can in turn improve his or her sleep quality and help him or her feel happy and well-rested.

Plan well and strike a balance

Academics at the secondary level can be quite a challenge with the number of subjects a student has to take. On top of that, students even have to dedicate time for co-curricular activities, with those who perform well having to take up leadership roles.

If what we described above sounds like something your child is going through and perhaps struggling with, it might then be beneficial for him or her to plan his or her time better. Your child doesn’t necessarily need to have a by-the-minute schedule planned out, but it would be good to work out rough outlines of what his or her weeks are like and set some time aside for activities out of school for a more well-balanced lifestyle.

Have a positive attitude!

Last but not least, encourage your child to stay positive! Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and can drive your occasionally angsty teenager to have a more positive outlook and attitude on his or her life experiences. Positive and happy thoughts then shapes your child into becoming a positive and happy young adult!

These might all be minor adjustments but they can make all the difference to your teen’s life! Try some of our suggestions out and feel free to let us know how both you and your child feel about them! Not being able to understand his or her schoolwork and falling behind in class will also cause your child tremendous stress. Enrol your teen with us if he or she needs that extra help in his or her academics. For more information about our secondary level programmes, click here.


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