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Learning Point’s secondary school programmes expand students’ knowledge both in breadth and depth. Our curriculum focuses on skills-based learning, through thematic lessons based on real-world issues and current affairs that aim to develop our students’ global mindsets.


At the end of four years, our students will be confident thinkers with global perspectives who can relate and apply their learning in the real world. They will also be equipped with all the relevant knowledge and skills to excel in the GCE O Level.

Star English
Add Math
English Programmes
Excellence in English

Our signature programme aims to enhance students’ mastery of the English language, while providing exposure to critical analysis skills needed to tackle the components of the challenging secondary English syllabus. With a strong emphasis on current affairs, real world issues are woven into our curriculum to enhance students’ global perspectives.

Excellence in English STAR

The EIE STAR is a specially curated programme for students in the Integrated Programme (IP). It is an intensive and rigorous 6-year enrichment programme culminating in the GCE ‘A’ Level General Paper examination.

Excellence in Literature

This programme equips students with the analytical and reasoning skills required to excel at Lower Secondary Literature. The fun and engaging curriculum helps to build our students' confidence in reading and deciphering the mystery of poetry, prose and set texts.

Math Programmes
Excellence in Math

The Excellence in Math programme equips our students with advanced mathematical concepts and anchors them with key reasoning, thinking and problem solving skills required to excel in secondary school.

Excellence in Additional Math

The Excellence in Additional Math programme strengthens fundamental algebraic skills, exposes our students to advanced mathematical concepts, and encourages higher-order thinking.

Science Programme
Excellence in Science (Secondary)

This programme is designed to equip students with the critical analytical skills needed to excel in the GCE O level examination. With a focus on concept application and fun hands-on activities and scientific experiments, the lessons draw out the fundamental concepts and techniques that students need to achieve excellence in the subject.


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