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When students move on to secondary school after completing primary education, a whole new world of learning experiences await them. Existing subjects from primary school take on increased difficulty and scope, while students are also exposed to new subjects, including English Literature and Additional Math.

With this knowledge, it is critical to help students develop a strong foundation for new academic pursuits, while also equipping them with the requisite skills to take on the O level examinations that they face at the end of secondary school.

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Learning Point’s secondary school programmes expand students’ knowledge both in breadth and depth. Our classes focus on skills-based learning, through thematic lessons based on real-world issues and current affairs, which enhance students’ global mindsets.

At the end of four or five years, students are confident thinkers with a global mindset, who can relate their learning to the real world. They are also prepared to meet the demands of the GCE O levels.

English Programmes:

Math Programmes:

Science Programmes:


English Programmes

Excellence in English

This programme aims to enhance students’ mastery of the English language, while providing exposure to the critical analysis skills needed to tackle the components of the secondary English syllabus.


Students’ foundational linguistic ability continue to be refined. Moreover, students are given more regular opportunities to apply the writing, reading, listening, speaking and viewing skills learnt.

Excellence in English STAR

The EIE STAR is a specially curated programme for students in the Integrated Programme (IP). It is an intensive and rigorous 6-year enrichment programme culminating in the GCE ‘A’ Level General Paper examination.


During this course, students are exposed to a variety of different societal genres that broaden their perspectives on both global and local issues. They are also equipped with the relevant analytical and critical thinking skills that enable them to analyse, assess, and express their opinions on issues in a clear and concise manner.

Excellence in Literature

This programme focuses on equipping students with the skills required to excel at Lower Secondary Literature, while building their confidence in approaching this new subject.


Students are exposed to a wide variety of texts while developing their analytical and reasoning skills through regular and consistent practices. Equipped with the relevant techniques and strategies, students are able to excel in their school-based assessments and also find joy in reading and deciphering the mystery of poetry, prose and set texts.

Star English
Math Programmes

Excellence in Math

The Excellence in Math programme focuses on familiarising students with new mathematical concepts and anchors them with the relevant skills and techniques that will carry them through the upper secondary levels.


With a gradual exposure to higher order thinking questions through our curriculum, our students will develop their reasoning, thinking and problem solving skills required to excel in secondary school.

Excellence in Additional Math

The Excellence in Additional Math programme aims to further reinforce our students' learning and strengthen their understanding of algebraic concepts and manipulation.


With our curriculum containing both routine, non-routine, and higher order questions, students will be guided as they sharpen their application skills, and further develop their mathematical reasoning and logical skills..

Add Math

Science Programme

Excellence in Science (Secondary)

This programme focuses on refining our students' critical and analytical thinking skills while reinforcing and strengthening the core science concepts learnt in school.


Through the use of higher order thinking questions, our students will be stretched to analyse and think deeper than before, sharpening their concept application and thought processing skills.

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