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Our preschool programmes focus on inculcating our young learners’ disposition for learning, through developing positive behaviours and attitudes towards learning. Children of preschool age are curious by nature. We foster their natural curiosity by encouraging them to discover, examine, and try out new ideas.

Our young ones participate in holistic experiences for learning within a safe and engaging classroom setting, where they construct knowledge by interacting with their physical and social environment. Through exploration and experiential learning, learning is made meaningful for each young learner. We provide personalised feedback on your child’s progress after every lesson, which also means you can continue to hone your child’s strengths outside of the formal classroom.

Discover Our Subjects

English Programmes: 

Read for Success

P1 Headstart (English)


Math Programme: 

P1 Headstart (Math)

Read for Success, our phonics-based reading programme, is suited for K1 and K2 children learning how to read.

We also offer P1 Headstart, available in English and Math, as a bridging course for K2 children who will soon begin Primary 1.

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English Programmes

Read for Success (RFS)

Read for Success (RFS) exposes our youngest learners to the joy of learning the English language. Their first stepping stone into the world of books and reading, RFS is a phonics-based programme suited for children in both Kindergarten 1 & 2.

P1 Headstart (English)

A continuation of the Read for Success programme, P1 Headstart (English) lays a strong foundation in the English language by teaching students the essential skills of grammar, comprehension, and writing. These ensure our children enjoy a smooth transition to Primary 1.

Maths Programmes

P1 Headstart (Math)

The P1 Headstart (Math) Programme focuses on laying a strong foundation of mathematical skills and concepts required for our students to excel in Primary 1. Filled with hands-on and interactive class activities, they will understand and pick up basic mathematical concepts with ease, while also enjoying the learning process.

Features of P1 Headstart (Math):

  • Focused curriculum that covers key Primary 1 topics

  • Highly interactive activities to engage students 

  • Personalised weekly feedback after each class

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