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About Us

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Our Story

Learning Point started in 1995 with a commitment to teaching young children to read and appreciate English, expanding to multiple locations across Singapore over 25 years and helping thousands of students along the way.

A foundation skill

Mrs Wee taught her three children how to read. It was a journey that she felt was fun, challenging, and a crucial skill to life-long learning. After all, reading is the first foundational skill that every child needs before entering primary school. The journey she had with her kids moved her to set up her own English enrichment centre focusing on early childhood literacy: speaking, reading, and writing.

Read for Success

In 1995, Read for Success (RFS), the brainchild of Mrs Wee - a programme on early childhood literacy launched with great results, soon becoming one of the most highly sought-after English pre-school programmes in Singapore. Eldon of course, enrolled too.

Fun, challenging, bringing desired results

In just six months in the RFS programme, Eldon delved into the world of letters and sounds, making remarkable progress. The teachers and administrators were proud of Eldon's progress and the many others like him. Afterall, Mrs Wee had recruited some of the best educators in Singapore to teach and design curriculums to make lessons fun, challenging, and bringing desired results.


Responding to high enrollment rates, Mrs Wee opened up more centres in 2000, branching out from Thomson to Bukit Timah, Parkway, Punggol and Tampines. Using their signature teaching methods and MOE-guided curriculum, parents soon enrolled their children at Learning Point in English, Math, and Science, from pre-school to JC.

A household name

Today, Learning Point is a household name in Singapore, having brought a brand of learning that parents trust to be fun, challenging, and that brings desired results. As for Eldon, he's an English teacher at Learning Point too, and is using the same techniques and love for the language to help students like himself flourish. The RFS programme remains Mrs Wee's most popular programme, creating the orators of the present and future.

Our Experienced Teachers

Passionate, nurturing, competent and committed, our teachers are the best in what they do. They walk alongside your child making their education a fun, challenging and result-oriented journey.

Our Beliefs

We believe in fostering Critical and Creative Thinkers for Lifelong Success. At Learning Point, we provide stimulating lessons that nurture critical thinking and inspire creativity. We cultivate a growth mindset, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve both personal and academic success.

Our Pedagogy

Empowering Students for Success. At Learning Point, our meticulously crafted curriculum goes beyond the standard syllabus, providing an enriched learning experience. We prioritize fun and challenging lessons that foster critical and creative thinking, making learning enjoyable and stimulating while being result-oriented at same time preparing them for academic excellence and beyond.

Our Stellar Record

Exceeding National Standards. At Learning Point, our commitment to excellence is evident in our students' outstanding results. Over the past decade, nearly 90% of our students achieved A*/A in Math and Science, while over 95% attained A*/A in English at the PSLE. We go beyond academics, equipping students with essential skills for the 21st century and fostering holistic development for future success.

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