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Our primary programmes are specially designed to ensure smooth transition as our students progress through from Primary 1 to Primary 6 with the ultimate goal of PSLE in mind. To find out more about our individual programmes, please click below:

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English Programmes
Excellence in English

Our signature programme builds a strong language foundation in our lower primary students. It then builds confidence in our middle primary students with early exposure to exam components, while continuing to enhance their language foundation and impart effective exam strategies for Papers 1 and 2. Finally, in upper primary, we focus on the mastery of the linguistic skills students have learnt, providing them with an added edge and confidence to meet the demands of the PSLE.

Excellence in Writing

The Excellence in Writing programme is specially designed to achieve writing mastery, with a strong emphasis on creative writing techniques and literacy skills.

Excellence in Science

This programme emphasises the application of scientific concepts through enjoyable hands-on experiments and activities, fostering students' innate curiosity and love for science. Simultaneously, it equips students with crucial exam techniques, such as data and question analysis, to confidently tackle the PSLE, blending an immersive, fun-filled learning experience with academic readiness.

Young Science Explorers (P2)

Our Young Science Explorers' programme immerses Primary 2 students in fun and interactive activities, fostering an early passion for science. It provides an advantage by introducing key science themes and basic process skills, paving the way for real-world connections and lifelong scientific curiosity.

Excellence in Math

Our Excellence in Math programme nurtures a love for learning through interactive activities, beginning with foundational concepts in Primary 1-2, and progressing to complex topics in Primary 3-4. In Primary 5-6, students leverage this robust foundation to confidently tackle new concepts and excel in the PSLE mathematics exam, blending fun, hands-on learning experiences with academic success.


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