For many parents, the primary school years culminating in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) are important as they lay the groundwork and set the course for future learning. Understanding this, our programmes focus on key skills and concepts to establish a strong foundation and ensure a smooth progression across the levels.


We seek to challenge our students and push them further in their learning curves. Our primary programmes include engaging and challenging concepts that go beyond the textbooks to enrich their understanding. Ours students will be equipped with the necessary skills and be empowered to complete any examinations with confidence.


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English Programmes

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  • Focused curriculum on answering strategies and skills

  • Thematic lessons to provide exposure

  • Frequent, active reading to unpack comprehension texts and passages

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  • Rigorous focus on creative writing techniques and literacy skills

  • Exposure to wider range of vocabulary and expressions

  • Constant application of techniques and advanced vocabulary through writing exercises 


Math Programme

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  • Use of real-world scenario questions

  • Structured programme that progressively builds upon concepts and skills 

  • Specific corrective actions to improve and strengthen thought processes


Science Programmes

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  • Greater focus on experiment analysis questions

  • Exciting and interesting experiments conducted regularly in class

  • Strong focus on concept application skills

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  • Small class sizes and individualised attention

  • Structured curriculum to provide breadth and depth into introductory topics

  • Exposure to a wide variety of science questions to provide students a head start in Primary 3